cre·a·tive relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, having or showing an ability to make innovative things.


David M. Wallace

Artist, producer, writer and musician David M. Wallace, is the CEO of Total Prayze Entertainment Group, a multi-media entertainment company that creates unique and engaging content for TV, film, mobile & web. Total Prayze Entertainment Group focuses on creating productions based on a multi-platform model. David M. Wallace holds a B.F.A. in Visual Communication with a specialization in Graphic Design. In addition to Mr. Wallace’s writing and producing skills and talents, he creates and produces live and special events. As an advertising and marketing consultant to numerous businesses, Mr. Wallace offers counseling and creative services. His ability to visualize a finished program continually earn him respect and praise from clients, staff and colleagues. Mr. Wallace posseses a dynamic style that focuses on creating and developing unique content for television, film and new media entertainment.

SketchBook/Concept Art