cre·a·tive relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, having or showing an ability to make innovative things.

inspire.  create. innovate.

At the heart of what I do is to tell stories that resonate with people who want to be entertained & inspired. Find your passion and take your skill to the next level.
- David M. Wallace

The Mission

Focusing On Creativity

Our commitment is to producing high-quality & unique entertaining content for people of all ages.

The best stories are and fresh & innovative, providing audiences with captivating content. Our unique combination of style, art and storytelling is designed to capture the imagination and hearts of a global audience.

We aim to create engaging, original content across across mobile, digital and linear platforms. Our focus will always be storytelling that is high-quality and distinctive.




Creative Dimension Animation Studio

The visual effects, animation and design arm of a Total Eclipse Productions, a division of Total Prayze Entertainment Group. Creative Dimension Animation Studio uses a unique combination of design and creative animation to bring groundbreaking storytelling to audiences. We produce original, high-quality animated content for television, feature film, animated shorts and digital content. We are building a rich legacy of innovation and creativity featuring creations from the mind of David M. Wallace such as The Amazing Queen Bee, Maleek & The Good Book, and the upcoming Gen Y.

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SketchBook/Concept Art