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Encore "LIVE" is a concert series that in addition to showcasing live performances, captures intimate interviews with artists and features some of the top names in Christian and Gospel music sharing their most memorable 'Live' moments. Encore "LIVE" is based on the popular digital publication, Encore Entertainment Magazine and is an extension of its efforts to create exclusive music content with artists that have appeared in the magazine.

The series will also feature music videos & select performances from several concerts, conferences and listening parties showcasing top Gospel and Christian artists of the day. Unforgettable live performances & fascinating stories all come together for a unique interactive music experience, where the viewing audience can participate and engage across social media. Fans will get access to extra "can't miss" content with the addition of "LiveShow", a custom web app experience designed to immerse viewers in the series.

Created and produced by David M. Wallace, CEO of Total Prayze Entertainment Group, Encore "LIVE," is an expansion and result of the extraordinary growth of this digital franchise that seeks to turn the magazine's content into TV and web content. All content is produced under Encore Entertainment, the music-centric production arm of Total Eclipse Productions a division of Total Prayze Entertainment Group. The first concert series aired live on LifeZone TV Studio in Queens, NY.


Watch exclusive videos to see unforgettable live performances & fascinating stories we have in store for you.

Memorable "LIVE" Moments & Interviews (Videos)
Live Moments (interviews)

Interactive + Immersive

Encore "LIVE" will push the boundaries on how fans of live music can participate and engage with some of today's most intriguing established and emerging artists. This series will develop a interactive setting that is completely unique, providing a window into the inspirations and unique styles of each artist.

Gospel & Christian Music

Concert Series

Dubbed 'UnderGround', the concert segment of Encore "LIVE" will feature rising and established artists in the industry. This branded series will also feature special guests and never before heard original music. You never know who's going to drop in! UnderGround will shine a 'spotlight' on the best kept secrets in Gospel music with exclusive performances.

Gospel & Christian Music

Music Videos

Encore "LIVE" will feature dynamic music videos & in-depth interviews from its premium music video portal, "MusiQBox". Committed to delivering the best Gospel & Christian music videos out today, MusiQbox will be a leading destination for engaging Gospel music content that will be immersive and available across all platforms.



Encore "LIVE" will offer a interactive & engaging experience. It's not just about the artists, but the live audience will be a big part of the experience. Experience exclusive "can't miss" content and be informed about new episodes. Fans will also we able to engage with our compelling and candid converstations concerning the Gospel music industry.

*Encore "LIVE" is based in NY and is based on the Encore brand
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You can be part of an amazing opportunity by becoming a sponsor or investor in the Encore "LIVE" TV series. This production is an important way to showcase the captivating history of Gospel & Christian music and as a corporate partner or sponsor you play a major part in introducing the world to amazing artists. We are currently in pre-production for the pilot episode of Encore "LIVE". In sponsoring the first pilot production of the series your brand can connect with an unique audience. Please click on the button below.

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All content is produced under Encore Entertainment, the music-centric production arm of Total Eclipse Productions a division of Total Prayze Entertainment Group. Encore "LIVE," is based on the popular Christian & Gospel Entertainment Magazine.
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