Sponsors & Partners

Become an integral part of a exciting and growing event in the Christian and Gospel music industry. We offer custom sponsorship packages so that your business, product or service is recognized at this premier event.


Developed by David M. Wallace this is the next evolution of Judah Praise Experience. Learn more about our Branded entertainment and extensions.

Online series created by David M. Wallace where World-class talents impart their wisdom and expertise to emerging artists.

A video/web series that provides an unique and amazing look into the spoken word & Christian Hip-Hop culture. Coming Soon.

A extension of the JPE'S Livin Well Seminar World-renowned speakers share their journeys and offer inspiration.

A extension of the Judah Film Festival which will produce original productions under the Judah brand and also acquire & distribute movies.

About David M. Wallace

Visionary entrepreneur, artist, producer, writer and musician David M. Wallace, is the CEO of Total Prayze Entertainment Group which has a mission to inspire, uplift and educate. David M. Wallace holds a B.F.A. in Visual Communication with a specialization in Graphic Design.
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I'm committed to developing JPE into a platform that delivers a unique, and empowering experience that people from all over the world are able to connect to.

- David M. Wallace