When people were trying to say things to me that I knew were contrary to what God was saying, I just held on to his word and truth. After you think you've won your 'Prince Charming' and you wake up the next day and your whole like is upside down, God's hand is the only hand your left holding.

I kept saying, "The Lord is my refuge," I knew he was my strong tower because I could run into him and be safe. Stand with the Lord and allow him to be your shield at all times. Keep the Lord in your heart, because what's in the heart eventually overflows out of the heart.

About LaJoyce Brookshire
The bestselling author of the novels Soul Food and Web of Deception, LaJoyce Brookshire tells a true story more shattering than any work of fiction in "Faith Under Fire: Betrayed by a Thing Called Love." It's her story. A memoir of survival against the odds and courage in the face of a troubled relationship and a terrifying illness. A chronicle of faith under fire.

About JPE: Livin' Well
A seminar featuring designed to educate, empower and inspire. Part of the Judah Praise Experience and created by David M. Wallace, the Livin' Well Seminar features individuals who are committed to empowering and educating people, it is also a showcase for special programs designed to give back to the community.

The vision of Livin' Well seminar is to help people live life to the fullest. Livin well seeks to partner with speakers and professionals who help individuals  deal with everyday challenges and realize their dreams. This series is committed to helping people take that next level of success in their lifes naturally and spiritually.  Livin' Well will also educate on how to use the latest digital trends and implement them into their business and daily lives.