Amber Bullock Interview

Encore: You were the season 4 winner of “Sunday Best”, were there some things that you encountered that you were not prepared for with the whole experience?
Amber: Definitely, I was not prepared for a lot of things. It happened so fast, one moment your are walking down the street and the next moment a million people are seeing you on TV. Before Sunday Best, I had to struggle, but I’m not struggling anymore, so God is good.

Encore: Singing competitions can be very challenging, any advice or encouragement for future “Sunday Best” contestants?
Amber: I would tell them that “Sunday Best” is a platform, you have to think of everything as a platform, not necessarily a competition, that’s how I got through it. I knew that even if I didn’t win that it was televised. I knew someone might like what they hear. I would encourage them to keep singing and go the distance. Just don’t shoot for Sunday Best, try to hustle it on your own, you will appreciate it more that way, trust me.

Encore: Your debut CD featured the classic “Thank You Lord”, how special is that song to you?
Amber: “Thank You Lord” is a very special song, It was one of the very first songs I learned how to solo. I actually got to sing with the writer of the song, the late, great Walter Hawkins. I’m part of the Thomas Dorsey Convention, he came out one year to Las Vegas and as he was singing, tossed the mic to me. I will never forget it. It was an honor to record such a wonderful song that was a classic to everybody.

Encore: Your new CD “So in Love” drops July 10, what can we expect?
Amber: “So in Love” is a CD that I’m in love with, not just because it’s my CD, but because it’s good music. They can expect from beginning to end to just feel good. They can expect live instruments, they can expect Kirk Franklin, Issac Carre, the production of PJ Morton and the Grammy Award winning Shawn Martin. It’s not music that’s going to bash you over the head with religion, it’s just going to make you feel good and I can’t wait for everybody to hear it.

Encore: You were part of Kirk Franklin’s Fearless Tour, what did you learn from him?
Amber: My PR rep gets on me all the time, I talk about him so much. I love Kirk Franklin, he is one of the best people breathing, he is a man of integrity. One of the things I learned from him was that people are not buying records anymore, they are buying people. They are buying your personality, so it pays to be nice, shake their hands and take pictures with them, not just because you want them to buy your record, but because you appreciate them for believing in you. I really sat back and watched how he dealt with his fans, it’s very admirable and that’s one of the things I took from the tour.


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