Artist Spotlight: Trent Williams

Artist Spotlight: Trent Williams

Chattanooga based Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Trent Williams, was born and raised in Florida into a family of skilled singers and musicians. His family collectively found a place of refuge and solace in music, more specifically gospel music. He was raised and taught early in life that music has a power to transcend any obstacle or problem. At age 10, he became his churches musician and started his own community choir. By age 12 and 13 he was a sought after musician. During his High school career, he excelled as a classical singer, a jazz pianist, and a skilled ensemble member on any instrument he picked up. In college, he received a scholarship to study vocal performance/music education and played in almost every musical ensemble the university offered whether Christian, Jazz, or classical.

Now an accomplished singer, musician, and music director, Trent is using his gifts to change the world one heart at a time. He brings an electrifying and authentic style that creates an unforgettable experience. He Currently serves as Minister of Music at New Monumental Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Trent recorded his first live album “Vertical” in 2013 and released “Momentum: The Vertical Prelude” In 2016. During that time, he has added another aspect to his music career by becoming a sought after songwriter & Producer garnering nearly 10 album placements in less than 2 years. Trent has also recently started his own jazz/soul group “The Menagerie. Off Broadway productions, worship conferences, Operas, jazz shows, & Sunday morning worship services are all within the scope of this multi-talented musician. He is poised and ready to take his powerful music and message to the world.

Trent Williams is thrilled to announce the release of “Momentum- The Vertical Prelude” which is available now on all digital media outlets. Recently stepping from behind the scenes as a producer, songwriter, and church music director, Momentum is Trent’s first EP as a solo artist and is a preview of his upcoming Freshman Album “Vertical.”

Momentum is a Christian/Gospel EP with 3 original tracks written & produced by Trent himself, with the aid of his production team. These three tracks were created to reach people of all ethnicities and walks of life and contain his previously released single “For Your Grace.” Songs on the album have already been in rotation during worship services at churches across the Southeastern United States before the album was released.

Trent originally recorded “Vertical” live in Chattanooga four years ago. With a demanding schedule as a working musician, Trent finally decided last year to dive head first in to making his own music and presenting his own concerts. Leading the charge as the artist, songwriter, & lead producer on this album, Trent is excited to share his new music with the world and is already in the works of planning a promotional tour for “Momentum.”

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