Spotlight: Dr. Aaron R. Jones

Spotlight: Dr. Aaron R. Jones

Gifted with an extensive knowledge of the Bible and a passion for God’s people, Dr. Aaron R. Jones is one of today’s most exciting preachers. The Senior Pastor of New Hope Church of God located in Waldorf, MD, he has spearheaded phenomenal growth at his church. In just the space of 6 years, the church has grown from a few dozen members to over 600. It’s his desire to bring the lost into the fold that motivates him. An ordained Bishop in the Church of God of Cleveland, TN denomination and the author of several books, Jones’ call to evangelize is what inspired him to create
The Soul Initiative.

Simply put, The Soul Initiative is an evangelism kit. It includes the book, The Soul Initiative, which includes all five principles for winning souls to Christ – along with a complete description of each piece of the kit: The Soul Commitment Sheet, The Salvation Plan Card, The Soul Attack Card, The Soul Praise Report Card, The Soul Prayer Request Card and The Soul Letter. Each piece works in tandem and allows the believer to witness in a non-confrontational way. From committing to prayer to informing the non-believer of your desire for them to come into the Kingdom, the kit is a tool, a strategic plan of action, for pastors, churches and small groups and ministries to help target the lost.

“Lost souls are my heart,” says Dr. Jones. “I have three books that talk about evangelism. I want to bring people back to understanding that we have to fulfill the call of the Great Commission. We have a lot of programs for those of us who know God, but we have very few that focus on those who don’t. We can’t forget those who don’t know God yet. The Soul Initiative helps us remember those who have not received Christ yet,” he says.

He has shared the message of Christ with many people here and abroad. He oversees the New Hope Church of God Ghana and New Hope Church of God Uganda, both located in Africa. A retired Chaplain of the Army National Guard where he served for over 20 years, he participated in both Operation Noble Eagle (2003) and Operation Freedom III (2005). A highly decorated Captain, he advised the commander on issues of ethics, religion and morals. Currently, he is the Chaplain of the Charles County Sheriff ’s Department and Chairman of the Hospice of Charles County, Inc. Chaplain’s Advisory Board.

He received his Doctorate of Theology and Pastoral Counseling from Life Christian University and a Doctorate in Christian Counseling from American Christian College and Seminary. A certified Pastoral Counselor with the International Association of Christian College Professionals, he also served as the former Executive Vice President of National Bible College and Seminary in Fort Washington, MD.

His role as an ordained Bishop finds him overseeing 16 churches in the DELMARVA-DC District and he is a member of numerous committees and boards in his denomination. A prolific writer, he is the author of 10 books, The Soul Initiative for Eternity Project, The Soul Initiative for Eternity, The Disciples Conclusion; The Disciples Conclusion Workbook; The Joshua Resolution; Out of My Comfort Zone to Honor God; The Pastor’s Intercessor; How the Holy Trinity Communicates to Mankind; Eight Effective Keys to Personal Evangelism; and Equipping the Church for the Harvest. A lover of music as well, he recently released a CD, Peace In The Storm. The new CD is a spoken word project featuring powerful instrumental background music with dynamic and soul-shaking scriptures from Dr. Aaron R. Jones.


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