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Sept. 26.

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Encore is a stunning interactive magazine featuring touch and swipe guestures.


Encore delivers a complete experience that showcases the rich history of Gospel music.


Encore showcases a cutting edge style with a unique focus on content and design.

On Monday, July 31st at the world famous SOB's (Sounds Of Brazil) in NYC, we launched the covers for the double issue of Encore Entertainment Magazine featuring Anthony Brown & Donnie McClurkin at Anthony Brown and group therAPy's exclusive album release party.

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Anthony Brown Cover

Anthony Brown graces the cover of our next issue due out on September 26 and discusses ministry and the new Anthony Brown & group therAPy album, "A Long Way From Sunday".

The Design: In designing the cover for this issue I was given several images to choose from. The following image fit in with the Encore brand colors which are red, silver & black. Also I wanted to have a contrasting design to the other cover and go for a contemporary, stylish look.
View the artists featured in this issue below.

This project is important because it peels back more of the layers and you get to know more of who I am as a person.

- Anthony Brown (swipe for more...)

I'm excited about this project because I feel it's going to meet people where they live.

- Anthony Brown

Ten years ago, God told me I would be a bridge

- Tasha Cobbs Leonard

HEART. PASSION. PURSUIT. is a compelling collection of music, uniting people through the universal sound of worship.

I want to make sure I keep the Wright legacy alive.

- Geneatha Wright (swipe for more...)

I'm grateful to serve besides my husband, it's an awesome thing when you can lead out with your partner.

- Geneatha Wright

My greatest victory is my "Girl Talks," where we sit in a circle and we cry, we talk and are down to earth.

- Lady J (swipe for more...)

My greatest reward is knowing I encouraged someone that they could make it.

- Lady J

He has been in Comedy for 22 years and is not just a comedian but an Author of a book named: CATS AND PUPPIES.

- Comedian "GRIFF"(swipe for more...)

"GRIFF" is not your ordinary comedian he is a Motivational Speaker, Author, potential "TED TALK" speaker and so much more.

After a six (6) year hiatus CL. Carr is back with a fresh new sound.

- CL. Carr (swipe for more...)

CL. Car's desire is to satisfy his Gospel fans, and gain music lovers interest worldwide.

Donnie McClurkin Cover

Donnie McClurkin graces the other cover of this epic issue and discusses music, being a pastor and his "A Night of Worship."

The Design: The Donnie McClurkin cover is an original photo I took at his "A Night of Worship." For this cover I wanted a more dramatic look and feel. I chose a black & white photo that truly captured the emotion of the night and showcased the passion Pastor McClurkin sings with. The contrasting covers also show the diverse & style the Encore brand is known for.
View the artists featured in this issue below.

I really enjoy pastoring because I see people's lives change and I'm connecting with people I've never met before.

- Donnie McClurkin (swipe for more...)

I'm a pastor that's hands on with the choir and the musicians, those are the things that make it fun.

- Donnie McClurkin

I want to use my tour to bring about diabetes awareness.

- Nikki Ross (swipe for more...)

I'm encouraging everybody to do a frequent diabetes check, especially in the music industry.

- Nikki Ross

Gospel music has to be more diversified which is hard.

- Bryan Popin (swipe for more...)

But, I think the end result would be reaching a wider audience and changing people's lives.

- Bryan Popin

Grammy nominated, Stellar Award winner, James Fortune returns with a must have album for this year.

(swipe for more...)

Dear Future Me is a genius body of work; a bold and courageous 17 track story that shares Fortune's heart of forgiveness restoration and celebration.

- James Fortune

Total Prayze Entertainment Group presents ReelStory, featuring actor Theo Bray.

(swipe for more...)

ReelStory features inspiring insights and interviews from actors & actresses of color.

- actor Theo Bray

An evening celebrating the performing arts in the Christian community on Long Island.

Elevate Concert Series (swipe for more...)

On Friday June 9th at the Deer Park High School artists from around the island shared the stage.

- Elevate Concert Series

About David M. Wallace

Entrepreneur, artist, producer, writer and musician David M. Wallace is recognized as a leader in the Gospel music entertainment industry, Mr. Wallace’s unique multi-platform development skills continually earn him respect and praise from clients, staff and colleagues. David M. Wallace is CEO of Total Prayze Entertainment Group and has created the Encore brand with a rare combination of style and innovation.

The Encore brand seeks to deliver groundbreaking Gospel & Christian music content on a global scale. Encore has proven to be a bold & unique the voice in the Gospel music industry.

I'm dedicated to creating platforms which celebrate the immense musical Gospel & Christian music legacy, both past and present.

- David M. Wallace

I will continually seek new ways to push Encore's boundaries visually and deliver Gospel music to audiences in new, dynamic ways.

- David M. Wallace