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Featured Artists

Learn more about some of the talented artists who have been featured on the UnderGround platform in its 3 years.


Sarah Te´ibo

Sarah Te´ibo is a welcome addition to the UK contemporary and urban gospel music scene.

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The Shelby 5

The Shelby 5 is a versatile group that presents a blend of pop and urban-infused worship.

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GIG is an Icelandic Christian rock band/modern Worship who delivers there music with great passion.

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Brea Miles

A rising voice in Christian Hip Hop, Brea has captivated audiences for the last 7 years with her passion felt lyrics.

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Founded in 2012, and created by David M. Wallace, "Indie Week" started as online showcase featuring leading Gospel & Christian independent artists. In 2014, "Indie Week" was brought under the Encore brand with the theme "Uprising" and a stronger commitment to to delivering a premier platform celebrationg independent Gospel Artists. With the inception of Encore Entertainment - a music-driven production arm of Total eclispe productions. Mr. Wallace decided in 2016, to incorporate the "Indie Week" into his developing TV series, "UnderGround". On November 16, 2016, Encore: UnderGround went live with a online radio broadcast featuring with exclusive interviews and relevant discussions. The vision was to set the stage for the next evolution of Encore: UnderGround - a live music series.

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Live Music

Encore: UnderGround will feature some of the most gifted musicians in music today. This branded series will feature special guests and never before heard original music


Exclusive Performances

Underground's focus is on capturing great music centered around intimate, natural performances. This will be original musical experience. You never know who's going to drop in!


Interactive Experience

UnderGround will offer a interactive & engaging experience. It's not just about the artists, but the live audience will be a big part of the experience.?

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