We're a team dedicated to supporting and empowering faith-based & family filmmakers.

The Vision

Faith & Film is the realized vision of visionary entrepreneur, artist, producer, writer and musician David M. Wallace, to bring together and support the faith-based and family film community. Mr. Wallace's vision is to introduce the best christian and family films to the world. Experience independent faith-based film and media. Faith & Film is birthed out of the Judah Praise Experience, to learn more about this platform click here

What to Expect

Faith & Film is a entertainment platform that produces, showcases, and acquires faith-based & inspirational content. We are committed to producing and distributing inspirational media on a global level. From movie screenings, documentaries, family-friendly films and more, Faith & Film will enable the faith-based film community and the general public to experience the power of inspirational content.


Faith & Film is positioning itself has a premier destination for brands reach consumers & fans through our partnership opportunities. We are a premier entertainment platform that is committed to exploring new ways to engage faith-based & family audiences. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us.